Same Attention to Detail, No Matter the Title

The team at puts the same serious amount of effort and attention to each game case art that we create, no matter if the game was an all-time hit, or a complete flop. That’s because as collectors ourselves, we want each case to have as much look and feel, as well as information presented, as the original boxes do.

We are meticulous with the design, to ensure that all the spine labels are centered, instead of bouncing around, to make sure that your shelves look top-notch when storing your games in our cases. Some designs are easier than others, but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to leave the hard designs out of our collection or up to other graphic designers. We’re taking on the project of designing the artwork for all, 100%, N64 games released in the US. To give you an idea of the time that’s involved in that, artwork takes anywhere from 2-6+ hours per game. That’s because creating a case isn’t as easy as cropping the back cover art to fit our case design dimensions, but usually involves taking each element with precision, and transferring them over to our design, and remastering anything that was not of adequate quality. That equates to a full time job for over half a year just to create the artwork for N64, not counting the time on assembling and packaging. It’s a time-consuming effort, but we take pride in putting our skills to work to make the best artwork possible for your collections!

Please take a look at Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M., Bio F.R.E.A.K.S., Castlevania, Castlevania: Legacy of DarknessChameleon Twist, Chameleon Twist 2, and more to see the detail and time that we are putting into our designs.