Introducing Atari Jaguar archival game cases

We proud to announce to all Atari Jaguar game collectors that we are now offering archival game cases for the Atari Jaguar! Initial roll-out will include 23 titles, with additional titles being added in the next few days as they are remastered to provide the highest quality.

Again, just as with the Sega 32X cases that we started offering a few weeks ago, we use the same great features as we do on those on the Jaguar, 40lb+ paper, printing on oversize paper to ensure no reduction in size or quality, etc. We modify the game cases so that the Jaguar games fit nice and secure in the case.

The photos below show the finished Jaguar product as well as the modifications that we perform.

Keep checking back as we are always adding other consoles and new products which carry what we’re known for here at RetroGameCases, premium quality products and designs to house your gaming collection!