Retro Game Cases was born out of the desire to help preserve and restore the classics that we all enjoyed primarily in the 80s and 90s. So many of us have a childhood that revolved around the excitement of the next console release, the tearing off of plastic wrapping from our newly acquired games, and the fun that these now classics brought to our lives. Over the years, boxes and cartridges have received wear, occasionally been abused, and many have lost that new look that they once carried. Retro Game Cases strives to  help your collections look their best, all while making sure they are protected. We offer box protectors in varying sizes to keep those original boxes looking as new as possible and helping avoid any additional wear in the future. We offer custom game cases that are perfect for those of you that still enjoy your collects. And we offer replacement labels to make those unidentifiable games look their best again.

A big thank you to our fans and supports, those that make requests and patiently awake the email letting them know it’s available, and those of you that continue to keep retro gaming alive! Thank you!